Keeping it Real, Feeling CRAFTY

I pick up things all the time. They don’t have to be shiny. Sometimes something catches my eye. How about sticks? You know…twigs, tree arms, small limbs, branches, tree offshoots, switches. That’s what I’m talking about. I guess it’s just that time of year when I get an urge to collect, to craft, to bring nature inside and create. I’m going to make roses from colorful fall leaves, as soon as more leave my tree (pun intended). They’re simply made. I just need to collect the leaves and use some green florist tape to bind them. A wire if I want a stem. Or a stick would do! They’re going to look like this when I’m through…(or better):


Above: These wire simply tied with a wire!


Aahhh Autumn infatuation. Above: A wreath made solely with leaves. What a striking presentation. It’s all in selecting great colors, getting a knack for the folding, and hot-gluing them to a cardboard “donut” shape. I can’t wait to try this…

Look at this dragonfly below; its easily concocted. I can see myself sharing this project with a child in my life. Who needs to spend money on seasonal decorations?


I adore the pencil holder, below, made by gluing sticks onto toilet paper rolls.


See the ‘ball’ below, made with vines. I guess all I’d need is my trusty glue gun. I’ve got a lot of those around, climbing my tree and house siding. Go into the woods anywhere and you’ll see them in all thicknesses. I’d take the idea a bit further though by spray painting the balls silver, gold, and white, and hanging them in windows…


Can you guess what that is BELOW?


I do believe it’s a giant tumbleweed! Now I don’t live where those things are handy; blowing down the road for me to bring into my home…But I ask you this, have you ever seen tumbleweeds strung with white Christmas lights? Subtle and beautiful.

BELOW: a basket made with twigs…It’s lovely. And not just for Easter. You can fill that with little gourds or even Christmas balls for a whimsical centerpiece or mantle topper. here are a few more twiggy ideas:



below—This is an ambition project, but can be scaled down, using smaller branches.


I am inspired to decorate…..naturally. One year I had a Christmas tree with handmade ornaments ONLY, except for the lights. From the cranberry strings  and popcorn garland and cinnamon stick ornaments to the creations my children made, we all had fun and it looked amazing. I’ll be sure to post my creations here in the future. this blog serves as my creation jump-starter. Who really can afford to feed into commercialism? I look forward to bringing nature inside and saving a bundle of money on store bought doo dads. I leave you with one more ‘inspiration photo’-(I used to make these from folded Reader’s Digests and finished them by spray painting them green…This one looks to be made of pretty Christmas cards, folded.—-


Come on leaves, change color….I really want to try those roses!

Many of these images were found on pinterest. A few were not but I could not track credit. If anyone wishes credit for these images, please contact me, I repost them here to inspire others as I have been inspired and with respect


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