A lifetime alone………..with #Aspergers

A kindred soul.

Postcards from the edge of the Spectrum


Alone with Aspergers


This post is long overdue and is the sequel to Aspergers Unmasked

I know that large numbers of people follow my blog and that my postcards, from the edge of the Spectrum, are appreciated by many, particularly parents of autistic children.

But I need you to see the other side of my blog. The other side of all those edited, re-edited and polished posts.

This is me, the man behind the blog, behind the posts and behind the tweets, the man behind the mask.



Outside of social media I have no friends and with fleeting exceptions, this has been the story of my life.

You don’t have to look very far to see it, hidden in plain view, my twitter and blog profile picture.

This isn’t about pity or self-pity, this is about honesty.

I remember attempting to convey this fact to my mother a few…

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