About Kimberly Gerry Tucker

The more facets, the more things to catch a light and sparkle. Right? In no particular order, here are some facets of interest I have:

Children, close family, animals, the environment, healthy living, solitude, nature, oddities, memoir, spirituality, health care for all people, science, history, reading, college for everyone even if it means paying more taxes, patterns, autism spectrum related topics, art, intellectual pursuits, and gardening to name a few. 

In this blog you may read About nostalgic 1930’s photos one week and unique “outsider” art the following week.

Joyce Carol Oates, in her memoir-like book The Lost Landscape:

“The writer is one who understands how deeply mysterious the familiar really is. How strangely opaque, what we’ve seen a thousand times. And how inconsolable a loss, when the taken-for-granted is finally taken from us. “

She’s describing missing her hometown here. An “Inconsolable loss” for lost landscapes. Those remembrances of PLACE are something I am compelled now and again to write about here. 

When considering writing from a widow’s viewpoint on personal issues, like the loss of her husband, Joyce says:


are like wild birds-they will come when they wish, not when they are bidden. Even if you hear their cries at a distance, you cannot summon them. You will only exhaust yourself in the effort, and the quixotic project of writing a memoir decades after living the life will come to an abrupt end.”

In old diaries, where I saw that tears had fallen and smudged some of the letters, I saw that Joyce was right. The birds of the past HAD called to me; to get this right. Don’t forget our wild cries. 

My book Under The Banana Moon can be found on Amazon. 

I ghostwrote Reborn Through Fire, available on LuLu, for a burn survivor in California. 

Says a good old friend of mine:

Who are we to decide what is ordinary? Every life story is extraordinary and worth telling.

I agree.

Joyce goes on about the writing of personal memoir:

“..the new, seemingly raw mode of self-expression imposes it’s own conventions on practitioners who may feel compelled to be radical, sensational, merciless, and unsparing in their exploitation of themselves and others. “

I choose these types of memoir to read. She describes the candid and personal, not because they are exploitative but because they are real. Real reminders that people have lived, live now, and will continue to live with wonder, adversity, love and trials.

Many of you may know a person severely affected with nonverbal autism. It is people like me, on the spectrum’s “higher functioning” end, who relate with a deep and knowing sense of kinship. A belonging with and understanding of-our severer autistic comrades such as we have never known elsewhere or with anyone else.

I relate my own POV. Painting has been an expression of mine. You may recognize my now iconic signature painting Shattered Image, from the cover of an Art of Autism book. I’ve done many versions of it. Also Enrique of HaveSomeCake, Birmingham England, chose to do a cake interpretation of this painting for sugarart4autism 2017. 

My art has been in documentaries and inside books. My expressions are well traveled, more so than my physical self! I don’t have to state that art for me, is as necessary as breathing.

Know it is immensely difficult to be personal.

To share.

To communicate even in written form. The first time I was published I felt raw and exposed. Now I just feel human. And not ashamed of quietness and the inability to speak aloud. 

Having selective mutism on top of Aspergers is where I feel crippled as if logjams of words have been stuck too long. My book is an attempt to allow flow. I’m not the first one to have a spouse die and I won’t be the last to write about it either. For all the things I’ve never done in my isolated, nondriver’s cat corner, I’m overall happy. Me draw pictures. Me write words. Me try hard to be good and do good. Me share words and art.  ME tried to write ABOUT ME here.

Now if all my wordpress followers would LIKE my author FB Under The Banana Moon page, I’d have twice as many LIKES, which means twice as many people to share words with!

Said Robert Lowell who used his wife’s pleading letters as subject matter in his candid intimate poetry:

“why not say what happened?”


I’ve done just that in my books and the ones I’ve been a part of. The anthologies. Magazines. Newsletters. Guest blogs. Journals. Here is a short list of links.

ISpeak Selective Mutism In Our Own Words
My memoir Under The Banana Moon
My FB author page

Just don’t turn that message upside down!


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  1. Kimberly, your blog is currently included on our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to personalize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)


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